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Girevoy Sport Snatch Technique - Videos





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Girevoy Sport Grip Analysis - Videos

Time, effort and thought has to go into, your grip in Girevoy Sport.  Any Girevik will tell you that an inefficient or faulty grip will hamper your training within minutes. Use the resources below to help you adjust your grip for the better.



Girevoy Sport Kettlebell Handle Maintenance - Videos

The handles on my Kettlebells have started to corrode very slightly so I used the advice in this video to get them ship shape again.




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Part of what makes The Rage Within unique is its small scale approach.  Many of the monthly contestants know each other and as manager of the website I know everyone who takes part.  In short, there are no strangers here at The Rage Within.  And as such we are effectively fish in a small pond.


But what if you wanted to see if you could cut it in a monthly challenge with many, many more contestants?  A nation wide monthly challenge or even world wide?  What if you wanted to see if you could handle being a fish an ocean instead of a pond?  It is a corny analogy but I hope you get the point.


Konkura is like The Rage Within but on a grand scale.  You can do weekly or monthly challenges.  You can attempt to get the best time/reps for a particular exercise.  The options for exercise challenges are almost limitless and you can compete against anyone.  At Konkura you can challenge yourself, your friends and the world (Yes, I borrowed that line from their website).  Konkura is well worth a visit if you want to take the challenges we do here at The Rage Within to the next level.  

Le Tour de Lounge


This is a guest post by 'Sithlord'.  His article describes an annual challenge that almost anyone can do and provides a welcome break from the drudgery of a daily exercise routine.  It is challenges like Sithlord's that can help keep us motivated in Australia's winter months.


Do you want to see France? Can’t afford it? There is a solution – and one which will give you the opportunity to move the winter bulge at the same time.


Every year, in July, the greatest bike race in the world is run – Le Tour de France. Those wannabe Lycra warriors are in ecstasy and overnight, people who ordinarily regard those on bicycles as being an annoyance on the road become experts on the sport (similar to the phenomenon which occurs with the advent of November as Australian’s all become experts on equine stayers – until the day after the Melbourne Cup!).


Watching Le Tour gives you a way to see some of the beauty of France without having to put up with the French (although, to be fair, those around Flanders tend to regard Australians with reverence rather than the usual revulsion reserved for anyone who doesn’t speak French whilst happily taking twice as much money for half the service) or spending a motza. The effort which the television broadcaster goes to (not SBS – they just get the feed and pretend they have gone to a lot of effort by putting Phil Liggett and two other blokes in SBS embroidered shirts on the telly before the broadcast) to provide coverage extends to having a squadron of helicopters giving a bird’s eye view of the peloton as it winds its way through the various Departments of France – and at the same time giving you a great look at the villages, towns and chateaus along the way.


While it is tempting to sit in a comfy chair and sip on a brandy and eat Camembert or Brie on your baguette as you watch the athletes sweat it out 8 times zones into the past it is an opportunity for a challenge – and one which won’t last long (the race is 20 stages over 22 nights – Champagne being obligatory on the last stage into Paris and down the Champs Elysees). The challenge is simple – ride along.


Requirements are simple – have a bike with a speedo. It doesn’t matter if it is an exercise bike or your normal bike on an A frame. Set yourself a nightly challenge and ride with the riders. If there is a time trial stage (normally the second last stage is a time trial for example) then you should aim to ride the distance of the time trial against the clock – you may even find that your time is up there with the best road cyclists in the world (for example in the 2011 Tour, my Stage 20 Time Trial time would have won me the maillot jaune for the stage win. It isn’t important that a) I was riding in my living room and b) had no hills or head winds to contend with – it is the time that counts!).


This year, Le Tour starts on 30 June and runs for 20 stages with a Prologue and 2 rest days. Total distance is over 3400kms and goes from sea level to the Col de la Croix de Fer at over 2000m high. Depending on how keen you are, you can either watch the whole of each stage and ride while it is on and see how far you get, or set yourself a daily goal depending on the length of the stage. I plan on going for a minimum of 1200kms – 21 stages (including the prologue) @ 50kms plus 50kms for luck. I suspect I will actually revise this as I am going as I know last year, as I got into the race, I was able to complete greater distances.


So there you have it fitness freaks – something a little different to test you out and to break the monotony of your current regime. Give it a go because all you have to lose is your weight (and a little sleep but as DK says, Sleep is for Sissies!).



Beginner Olympic lifting Videos

Suspension Trainer Exercise Videos.


Yesterday I made my own Suspension Training System, similar to the commercial TRX system.  It cost me 37 dollars and about an hour of my time to figure out how to put it together.  Mine is functionally just as good as the TRX but perhaps not quite as pretty.  Check out my other article on Suspension Trainers to make your own too.


Anyway, I figured this is a great excuse to list some videos that showcase some of the exercises you can do with a suspension trainer.  Enjoy.

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Uncle Drew

Women and Weight Training


Eat & Train for Performance

The audio is a bit ordinary in this video but turn your speakers up a little because this is an excellent interview with Neghar Fonooni.  In the video Neghar talks about the importance of eating and training for performance rather than aesthetics.


Be Water, My Friend

Be Your True Self