2011 Crossfit Champions

Crossfit is a gym brand located world wide.  Every Crossfit gym, regardless of their location, have a WOD - Workout Of the Day.  So when in Brisbane you know you are doing the same workout Crossfit members in Sydney or New York are doing.  The Crossfit gyms are not like your local commercial gyms.  They use less machines and more traditional or 'old school' methods of exercising.  Check them out -http://crossfit.com/


Every year Crossfit holds its own fitness finals and below is a video of the 2011 champions.  It is just a glimpse and much more about the finalists can be found on Youtube.


Tom Hafey

I know it's an advertisement but I get to choose the categories around here.  Enjoy.



I found this at Ross Training.

Running Blogs

I spent some time on-line tonight trying to find some quality running blogs.  It was difficult.  When you have just started running it is hard to ascertain what is or isn't a great running blog.  I mean really, what would I know?


So I decided to look for what was popular.  You know, websites frequented by those into running.  So, I finally found the two articles I have listed below.  Both of these websites list many, many running blogs.


The lists were compiled by various criteria, numbers of visitors being just one of them.  You can find more details regarding how the lists was created by following the links.


Broken Hearted Runner

Invesp Blog Rank


I hope you find these compilations helpful.

Click Clack

Fashion To Fitness

A great video showing the benefit of resistance training for women.  Also it helps smash that ever persistent myth that many women like to believe: that they will bulk up if they lift weights.



You Know It's A Rest Day When ...

The Elusive Motivation

Don't Try And Sugar Coat It ...

What's Your Excuse?

700 Push ups.  10 sets of Pull ups & Dips.  5 days a week.


Under Armour Women. Protect This House. I WILL.

Derrick Williams - Are You From Here?

Tough Mudder Training

Not sure how to start training for a Tough Mudder event?  Well you would be well on the right track if you copied this man.  I read somewhere online that he did this workout on his 45th birthday.





Battling MS With The Paleo Diet

Dr. Terry Wahls learned how to properly fuel her body. She used diet to cure her MS symptoms and get out of her wheelchair.  Her diet was the Paleo diet which is very similar to the LCHF diet.  At the very least we can introduce some of the 'power foods' she recommends into our diets?



An Introduction To Kettlebells


What Are They

Kettlebells, are a piece of strength training equipment that has been around for decades.  Only recently have they become more mainstream.  Specifically, they are bowling/canon ball sized cast iron weight with a handle on top. Kettlebells range in weight depending on your needs.  


Kettlebells were originally used in rural Russia as a counterbalance for weighing grain.  Farmers (peasants) began using them for weight training and conditioning.  Then, over time, the Russian military started to use them.  From there Kettlebell popularity began to grow.

Many of the Kettlebell exercises resemble tradition weight lifting exercises but have developed their own subtle form differences. 


Today kettlebell training is regarded as a tool for all-round fitness and physical development. Kettle bell training focuses on functional, whole body fitness. This means movements we use everyday that involve many, if not all of our muscles.  Lifting and controlling a Kettle bell requires the entire body and is a great workout for building both strength and stability at the same time. 

Read more: An Introduction To Kettlebells

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