Atticus' Belkin Kindle Case Review

Despite our love of analogue stationery my father and I love gadgets and technology.  So it was really no surprise to our family when my father purchased a 3g Kindle from Amazon.  Even less of a surprise was when I followed suit and purchased the wi-fi version.  I have no doubt the rest of the family just sighed, rolled their eyes and gave each other knowing looks.


Anyway, any gadget fiend knows that half the fun comes in the accessorising.  You can't just buy a kindle and be done with it because you need a case for it.  Now, I am on a strict budget so I ignored the rather pricey leather case that Amazon spruiks.  I'm not saying it isn't nice or isn't worth it, just that I couldn't afford it.  So I went looking for a budget replacement.  I ended up buying this more than satisfactory case from Belkin.



The majority of the outside is plastic cow.  It is strong, wipes clean and doesn't mark easily.  The strip around the outside is wetsuit material, slightly stretchy and bound on the outside by a zipper.



The zipper is strong and has stood up to daily use for several months now.  The inside of the case is all wetsuit material.   The advantage of wetsuit material is twofold.  It is waterproof and doesn't mark what it touches (unlike some pencil cases I have seen).



The case holds my Kindle easily and even gives me room for extras like a cleaning cloth, notebook and a couple of pens.  A hard cover case would protect the screen a liitle more than this softcover case but this is easily fixed by inserting a notebook or something similar inside.


For ten dollars USD you can't get much better.