Smiggle Leather Folio Review

This is one of the most used item in my school bag.  It is the Smiggle branded leather folio.  It holds all of my 'working' documents.  That is, the paper work I use every day or am in the process of filling out.


The leather is thick and I measure it to be at least 3mm.  A wide strap of black elastic holds the leather together about 1cm in from the edge.  This strap is probably the folio's only weakness as it feels cheap next to the leather.  Having said that I have been using this folio for almost two years now and the elastic is still strong.




Inside the folio is a band of leather just inside the spine travelling the length of the folio.  This is meant to hold your paper in place and it works well.  Don't try to fit more than five sheets of paper under it though or you will end up crinkling the edges of your paper.



There is also a small elastic pen holder.  Strangely enough I don't use this at all and never have so I can't really comment on its effectiveness.



A closer look at the inside of the folio below.



You can see below just how tightly fitting the folio sizing is.  The sheets of paper are A4 in size.



All up the folio can carry about 20 - 30 sheets of paper.  Any more and the folio starts to bulge and you run the risk of having the papers edge out the side.  I avoid this because I carry the folio in a backpack which will mean crinkled paper.  If you were to use this in a briefcase you wouldn't have such issues.


I spent 29 dollars AUD on this folio.  At the time I had a cold sweat leaving the store because I didn't really think it was worth that much and I felt guilty.  With hindsight however, I believe I paid a bargain price.  The leather is thick and strong and will last me many years yet.  It also looks stylish when I bring it out in meetings - at least I think so anyway.