Smiggle Book Safe

Christmas 2009 was a bumper year for me.  I found my Santa sack filled with assorted stationery and much of it from Smiggle.  Amongst my bounty was this fantastic book safe.  I am a little kid when it comes to products like this.  I guess I always wanted to be a spy or to indulge in clandestine activities.  Now I can, to a degree.

Each colour in the Smiggle book safe range has a different title on the front cover, all of which alude to the ultimate purpose contained within.  Funny, when you are in the know.



With dimensions of 24cm/15.5cm/5.5cm the book safe is no lightweight.

Don't be put off by the radioactive colour - there are other options

The safe comes with two keys - it's always handy to have a spare.

The inside compartment is spacious and easily fits two slim cd cases side by side.

The metal insides are attached by way of plastic plugs.

All in all this book safe is great for workspaces where an actual safe would be impractical or too pretentious.  I keep my book safe in my staffroom and on my desk's book shelf.  Despite there being a lot of student traffic my vehicle keys, phone etc are safe, secure and out of sight.