Storage Solution

My collection of stationery has been growing lately particularly in the mechanical pencil department.  Up until now I had been keeping them in a bag on my bookshelf.  Not only was that an unkempt solution but it was also unorganised.  So, I wandered the web today looking for a way to store my pens and pencils.  There are many expensive ways to store and display your prized stationery but I was looking for an economical way to solve the problem.  After all the money I save can be spent on more pencils can't it?

I found the best solution for me at Dave's Mechanical Pencils.  I should really have known to look there first but I can be stubborn sometimes.  His article 'Genuine Progress' details his use of A4 paper trays to store his pens.  He tailors some sheets together to make some ribbed like partitions for each pencil to lie in.  I liked the idea so much I have decided to go down that route myself.  I haven't got as far as the paper inlays yet but I did purchase two cabinets.



The cabinet dimensions are 265 (w) x 344 (D) x 249 (H).  I figure I can fit in at least 12 pens from right to left in each tray and another 4 length ways behind them (or another row of 12 at a squeeze).  That is 16 pens/pencils per tray and 80 per cabinet at least.  Each cabinet is 20 dollars from Big W.  Compared to other storage solutions I found online this is a practical, stylish and cheap way to go.  Thanks Dave for the idea :)

Needless to say when I was at Big W I found a few mechanical pencils to buy.  Readers of this blog may think I am made of money.  I assure you this is not the case.  I will be eating Weeties for a while to atone for my addiction to graphite pushers.  The things we do.

UPDATE 7/4/10 - I purchased four more of these storage units today in an attempt to future proof my storage needs.  I would hate to go out in a year's time and find these models are no longer made.  There is nothing uglier than a bookshelf full of mis-matched storage containers.  Maybe in another month's time I will go out and buy even more.  I am also considering tailor making a book shelf for them.