Cadbury Tin Pencil Case Review

My wife thinks I am a bit of a loon.  She doesn't get the whole stationery thing.  Like most wives however, I suspect she is very forgiving and at times she doesn't mind feeding the beast that is my obsession.


Just a couple of weeks ago she came home from the Brisbane Show (a state holiday carnival) with this little treasure.  It is a Cadbury Freddo branded tin pencil case.  It is in the shape of a school locker.




On the front above the three grill slits is a name tag holder. The clasp that holds the lid in place also comes with a small padlock with two keys.  I have placed my Pentel twist-erase and  Mitsubishi eraser pen beside the tin to give you some perspective.


This pencil case will hold a ton of pens or pencils.  It really is quite big.  The construction is simple and light which cuts down on the weight but I don't see this pencil case lasting long if used in transit continually. This is a pencil case for the desk or drawer.


If one were so inclined I think the paint could be easily stripped from this case for a plain shiny tin appearance.  Perhaps it could then be repainted by the owner?


I think this case is perfect for holding stationery odds and ends.  It could even be used as a paperweight or bookend once filled.



Dimensions - 21 (l) x 10 (h) x 9 (w) cm

Positives -Tons of storage room, lockable.

Concerns - Cheap construction, Branding and gaudy appearance could be a turn off.

Negatives - None.

Users - Students, Children.

Price - Unknown

Other reviews - None