Metal Math Set Pencil Case

When I was in high school a lot of students used their math set cases as their pencil case.  Some of us would tape our current math set case to an old one.  This way we could have one case for pens without sacrificing our math tools.  I still like the idea of using a metal case for my pens to this day, so much so that in 2009 I used the metal case below as my primary pencil case at school.


As you can see the tin case is well used if not battered.  It should be because it gets some fairly rough treatment where I work.  I shift work spaces at least five or six times a day and my pencil case is often wedged between items in my bag or in the bag's outside pocket where it gets smacked against door jams and the like.  Regardless of the battering my pens and pencils are always unharmed.

There is plenty of room in the tin for several pens and pencils as well as spare leads, a sharpener and an eraser.  Judicial pen choice could leave room for a highlighter or eraser pen.  As I mentioned earlier it is easy enough to mod this pencil case by rigging an extra tin onto the first.  The flat panel interior also lends itself to use of stickers or labels with information you might need repeated access to.

This pencil case is elegant in its simplicity if not its looks.  It is easy to open and close without any wrapping or folding necessary.  You won't need to dig through your collection to find the pencil you are after either.  It is, in essence, a no frills, functional and utilitarian approach to stationary storage.

I don't keep my good pens or pencils in this pencil case as this is the one students raid in class when they have lost or forgotten their own utensils.  But if you like recycling old equipment and aren't looking to impress others on the looks of your pencil case alone (some of do this don't we?), this could be a solution for you.  At the very least using a pencil case like this forces you to ask yourself what pens and pencils you really need rather than carrying dozens of choices around with you.  What would your choices be?

I also remember some kids at school had really fancy versions of this style pencil case.  You know, with bells and whistles?  In built sharpeners with a tray for shavings and multiple compartments etc.  If that is your thing check out the pictures below which link to their respective product pages for more details.

J Box - Uki Uki Friends DX Evolution Pencil Case