Eva Enveloop Pencil Case Review


Welcome to the Enveloop pencil case review.  I purchased this pencil case from www.pencils.jp which is the English language sister website of Japanese online stationery store Bundoki.com.  At the moment this is the most expensive pencil case I own so I have expected a lot from it both in terms of functionality and style.


The case fits into the wrap category of pencil cases here at The Leaky Pen and secures shut with a leather tassel.  The end of the tassel feature a small leather disc which I originally thought looked a bit odd.  Everyday use however has proved that this circle of leather is essential to keeping the tassel from shifting loose.


You can see from the picture that the pencil cases is a rustic brown colour.  There are other colours available if brown isn't for you.


The outside end of the pencil case, right where the tassel begins, is a single pen slot so that you have access to a writing implement without having to unroll the case.  I like this feature and it continues what is a popular trend with many pencil cases.  I suspect we all have our 'go to' pen that we use most of the time and the rest of our gear we only need occasionally.



The case itself is made out of two materials; canvas and leather.  I feel the two are a hardy combination and the pencil roll feels like it will last for many years despite regular use.  The slots for pen storage have a soft leather upper and canvas as a base.  The leather is stitched onto the canvas with what appears to be heavy cotton thread and it looks very durable.  The leather itself is extremely soft to the touch much like suede.


The pencil case has enough slots for seven pens or pencils including the outside slot.  If you were willing to place pens loosely and allow the rolling action of the pencil case to secure them you could fit more in.  Four of the pen slots are quite deep and I generally use these slots for my pens that need protection from scratches.  Although for some reason my ruler is in one of these slots in the picture above.  There is also a flap that folds down over the tops of these four slots and this further protects the writing implements.  This really is a good pencil case for carrying pens you want protected from 'wear and tear' type of damage.


To the left of the pen slots are two additional compartments and I use these for erasers and pencil leads.  There is another flap that covers this section too.



The Eva logo is placed inside of the case and subtly positioned in a bottom corner of the far left pen slot.  You can see it to the bottom right of my light blue eraser pen.  It doesn't stand out and in fact I only noticed it when I went looking for it to write this review.

Overall this is a quality pencil case you can be proud of.  I constantly get favourable comments from colleagues about how rustic/smart/unusual it is.  The only question left is whether or not this pencil case is worth the weighty price tag.  60 AUD, which at the time of writing this was the equal of the American dollar, is a lot of money for a pencil case.  A hell of a lot.  There are alternative and cheaper wrap style pencil cases out there but I have yet to use one as good as the Enveloop.



Dimensions - 20cm (length) , minimum 5cm (thickness).

Positives - Tough, stylish, protects well, available in multiple colours

Concerns - None.

Negatives - None.

Users - Professionals, Stationery addicts.

Price - High (60 AUD)

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