Nomadic PN-04 Snap Button Pencil Case Review

Welcome to my review of the Nomadic PN-04.


I have been avoiding this review for a while now.  I have loved using the Kutsuwa Edwin Puffy pencil case and I just couldn't stop using it.  But, I have finally packed the puffy case away to use this petite item from Nomadic.


I have used it for the last week now and I feel I can judge the case well enough despite only using it for five school days.


This case looks really good on the web and the images I perused on the Jetpens website easily persuaded me to give this pencil case a shot.  It really is a smart looker.





The material used in the pencil case's construction is the same as Nomadic uses with their PN-08 and Pe-09 models, among others.  You can see that the outer cover material is black in colour whilst the inside is a creamy light brown/beige colour.  Both will hide any dirt markings very well.  The zips appear to be quality too although I found the zip handles a little small.  They don't look out of place though on such a small package.



The inside of the pockets is a bright orange.  If you have read my other reviews you know that I like a bright colour on the inside of compartments because it can help you to see items inside. You can see the small blood red brand tag too sticking off one of the ends.  Subtle, just the way I like it.


I love the patterns light creates on the inside material - see in the photo below.



The pencil case folds neatly once and can be clasped together using press buttons located in the corners.  Often these types of buttons can fail through extended use.  It feels as though Nomadic has used quality materials though and hopefully this won't be an issue.


Within the inside fold you can store pens.  The photo below, from the Jetpens website, illustrates this neatly.  While most of each pen is protected by fabric the lids and clips of the pens are going to rub against one another in this layout when the case is closed.  If you want to maintain the shine or paint on your pens and pencils this isn't going to be a great feature for you.  However if this isn't a problem all of your pens are going to be laid out neatly for you to choose from.  Great!



Both sides of the case feature pouches for additional storage.  On one side the pouch is internally placed as a part of the side panel.  On the other side the pouch is external.



So, in all there are four compartments for you to place your stationery items.  However if you fasten the press buttons you will be able to sandwich something thin between the two folds.  Maybe a thin notepad?  This creates an optional fifth open compartment.



I'll say it again, this pencil case looked really good in the photos I found of it online.  However when I came to use it I was underwhelmed.  It really was way too small for me.  If you place items in every compartment you will struggle to do the press buttons up.  You will also find it hard to rummage through the pouches to find your pens.  You will find you need to unclip the buttons to give yourself enough room to find stuff in the side pouches.  I found this annoying.


This pencil case would be great for someone who doesn't carry many items.  If you just have a small ruler, a small notepad, and a small selection of pens, you will be more than fine.  In fact I recommend this case to people in those circumstances.


All in all, I love the minimalist styling of the Nomadic PN-04 and this pencil case will suit someone with minimal stationery items.



Dimensions - 21 (l) x 10 (h) x 3 (w) cm

Positives -Tough nylon material, smart appearance.

Concerns - Press Buttons - will they last with extended, repeated use?

Negatives - None.

Users - Students, Minimalists.

Price - Medium (15-30 AUD)

Other reviews - None

Sources - Two photos are from the Jetpens website - with permission.