Ple Ple Pencil Case Wrap

My father bought me this Ple Ple pencil case from Jetpens (Thanks Dad).  We were trolling through the Jetpens website and I commented on how nice the Ple Ple looked.  A month or so later the Ple Ple arrived in the mail for my birthday.  Ah, if only that scenario would work with a Yard-O-Led pencil.


The Ple Ple is just as attractive in person as it is in the Jetpen's promotional shots.  Here are some home shot photos (complete with appalling choice of background).



As you can see from the photos the Ple Ple has a certain rustic charm about it.  The rough faux leather exterior with its creases and blemishes presents an almost 'used' look.  The case is actually new but comes with that appearance new second hand wooden furniture has.  Some like that 'hand-me-down' preloved look and I happen to be one of them.  The visible stitching is also a style in vogue at the moment with a lot of clothing and works well with Ple Ple.


The inside material is a fine brown cordrouy that is soft almost like velvet.  This is perfect for protecting your writing utensils and I doubt it will be abrasive at all.

Depending on the size of your pens or pencils you should be able to fit four or five in the centre pouch and three or four in the two outside pouches.  The length from the bottom of each pouch to the fold at the top is considerable too so any longer pencils will easily fit.  i plan on buying a smaller ruler and trying to fit it in too.


Threaded through a reinforced side hole is a doubled over length of leather cord.  This is the tie that wraps around the pencil case once it is folded up.  The ends of the leather cord have a trinket/bauble attached which on first glance looks great but on closer inspection appeared to me to be a little tacky.  I don't think they will last with intensive use of the pencil case.

This stylish Ple Ple product is my favourite pencil case at the moment and I believe it may replace my current work pencil case at school.  If you don't need to carry many utensils, and like the bohemian influence, this is a great pencil case to own.