I know quality stationery when I see it.  My stationery experience began at the tender age of four when I ate my first crayon.  By the time I had consumed my second, I would be forever hooked on the pleasures of paper and pen. Nowadays I am a secondary school teacher and I spend much of my time with pencil in hand grading and sorting paper.  Over the years I have developed an appreciation of the pencil over red pen and a realisation that quality stationery is one of the simpler, finer pleasures in life.  My favourite stationery items are pencil cases and mechanical pencils.

Atticus' Belkin Kindle Case Review

Despite our love of analogue stationery my father and I love gadgets and technology.  So it was really no surprise to our family when my father purchased a 3g Kindle from Amazon.  Even less of a surprise was when I followed suit and purchased the wi-fi version.  I have no doubt the rest of the family just sighed, rolled their eyes and gave each other knowing looks.


Anyway, any gadget fiend knows that half the fun comes in the accessorising.  You can't just buy a kindle and be done with it because you need a case for it.  Now, I am on a strict budget so I ignored the rather pricey leather case that Amazon spruiks.  I'm not saying it isn't nice or isn't worth it, just that I couldn't afford it.  So I went looking for a budget replacement.  I ended up buying this more than satisfactory case from Belkin.



The majority of the outside is plastic cow.  It is strong, wipes clean and doesn't mark easily.  The strip around the outside is wetsuit material, slightly stretchy and bound on the outside by a zipper.

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Smiggle Leather Folio Review

This is one of the most used item in my school bag.  It is the Smiggle branded leather folio.  It holds all of my 'working' documents.  That is, the paper work I use every day or am in the process of filling out.


The leather is thick and I measure it to be at least 3mm.  A wide strap of black elastic holds the leather together about 1cm in from the edge.  This strap is probably the folio's only weakness as it feels cheap next to the leather.  Having said that I have been using this folio for almost two years now and the elastic is still strong.




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Braunston Marina - Letter Opener



Colourful letter opener in the shape of a bird found on English canals






This is my favourite letter opener.

I purchased it at the Braunston Marina (located at the junction of the Grand Union and Oxford canals in the UK) on our four day canal trip in 2008.

It is a pleasant reminder of that trip and the colourful birds we saw on the canals.

Pen and Pencil Storage Solutions

It is a problem all stationery collectors face - storage.  This article is going to be a collections of storage solutions used by stationery loves from around the Internet.

If you have written about your storage solutions let me know and I will add a link here to your article.


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Smiggle Book Safe

Christmas 2009 was a bumper year for me.  I found my Santa sack filled with assorted stationery and much of it from Smiggle.  Amongst my bounty was this fantastic book safe.  I am a little kid when it comes to products like this.  I guess I always wanted to be a spy or to indulge in clandestine activities.  Now I can, to a degree.

Each colour in the Smiggle book safe range has a different title on the front cover, all of which alude to the ultimate purpose contained within.  Funny, when you are in the know.



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Storage Solution

My collection of stationery has been growing lately particularly in the mechanical pencil department.  Up until now I had been keeping them in a bag on my bookshelf.  Not only was that an unkempt solution but it was also unorganised.  So, I wandered the web today looking for a way to store my pens and pencils.  There are many expensive ways to store and display your prized stationery but I was looking for an economical way to solve the problem.  After all the money I save can be spent on more pencils can't it?

I found the best solution for me at Dave's Mechanical Pencils.  I should really have known to look there first but I can be stubborn sometimes.  His article 'Genuine Progress' details his use of A4 paper trays to store his pens.  He tailors some sheets together to make some ribbed like partitions for each pencil to lie in.  I liked the idea so much I have decided to go down that route myself.  I haven't got as far as the paper inlays yet but I did purchase two cabinets.



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Rhodia Pencils and dotPad Review

This review has been a long time coming. Michelle from Exaclair graciously sent these Rhodia products out to The Leaky Pen for review months ago .  Life however got in the way of writing about them.  In fact the Rhodia dotpad and pencils have been sitting on my desk winking at me every time I sit down.  Now, I have finally had an opportunity to take a closer look at what Exaclaire sent us.  Specifically, we were sent two black and orange Rhodia pencils and with them a Rhodia dotPad.  Both products scream designer style and appear to be high quality.


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Paper Pro Prodigy Stapler

I am a secondary classroom teacher and while my work inside of the classroom rarely requires the use of a stapler, the paperwork outside of class in the staffroom requires constant use of one. For years I soldiered through my stapling with cheap, no frills solutions. My hands hated me for it but my wallet's conscience won out. Until this year. This year I lashed out and spend AUD 50 on a Paper Pro Prodigy stapler.

To most people this is an absurd amount of money to spend on a tool that they only use occasionally . However, for those of you that do a fair amount of stapling this price may not be beyond the realm of belief. Here are my experiences with the 50 dollar Prodigy stapler.

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Cadbury Tin Pencil Case Review

My wife thinks I am a bit of a loon.  She doesn't get the whole stationery thing.  Like most wives however, I suspect she is very forgiving and at times she doesn't mind feeding the beast that is my obsession.


Just a couple of weeks ago she came home from the Brisbane Show (a state holiday carnival) with this little treasure.  It is a Cadbury Freddo branded tin pencil case.  It is in the shape of a school locker.



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Kutsuwa Edwin Denim Pencil Case Review

Kutsuwa Edwin Denim Pencil Case - Image from JetpensWhen you have a box full of pencil cases to review I imagine it would be hard to pick the first one to write about.  Not so in this case.  The Kutsuwa Edwin denim pencil case stood out immediately.  It is easy to see why with its striking denim fabric.  Available in either blue or black the denim look is polarising.  Used and abused as a fashion fabric over the years denim can do no wrong in the eyes of some and can do no good for others.  Regardless of your views though, in a pencil case world dominated by vinyl and plastic, denim is guaranteed to attract attention.

This is one smart looking pencil case.  The denim pairs well with the grey pinstripe piping that ring the case around its belly  and near the basemuch like belts.  The two zips blend in unobtrusively both in the lid and around the middle.  The red and white rubber Edwin logo stands out appropriately too against the darker blue denim background.  The nature of the center zip also allows you to open the pencil case up - clam or book style.  You can also see in the second picture how the zip handles can be retracted to well around the inside corners of the case.  There is also an elastic pull tab attached the the zip handle on the lid.  I am not sure what purpose this serves.   Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

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Slider Box Pencil Case

Slider Box Pencil Case

This pencil case review will be focusing on a hand-me-down pencil case.  My father gave me this pencil case when I was still at school.  So I have had it quite a few years now.  He made the pencil case himself in wood arts class when he was in school himself. Obviously this slider box pencil case is a sentimental favourite of mine.

Despite the years of wear, and my sentimentality, this pencil case is still one of the better pencil cases I own.  Its stature in that regard will be threatened in the next week or so when I get a shipment of pencil cases from Jetpens but until then it is as safe as houses.

I suspect (and hope) however that it will remain one of my favourites simply because they just don't make pencil cases like this anymore.  Prove me wrong somebody.  I would gladly consider buying something similar in style to this pencil case but I haven't found any for sale.


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Metal Math Set Pencil Case

When I was in high school a lot of students used their math set cases as their pencil case.  Some of us would tape our current math set case to an old one.  This way we could have one case for pens without sacrificing our math tools.  I still like the idea of using a metal case for my pens to this day, so much so that in 2009 I used the metal case below as my primary pencil case at school.

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'A Brand Called Ed' Pencil Case

This is an 'A Brand Called Ed' pencil case.  The brand is sold at Officeworks stores here in Australia.  I normally associate Officeworks with quality yet affordable stationery.  It is a shame but this pencil case only fulfills one of those criteria.


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Eva Enveloop Pencil Case Review


Welcome to the Enveloop pencil case review.  I purchased this pencil case from which is the English language sister website of Japanese online stationery store  At the moment this is the most expensive pencil case I own so I have expected a lot from it both in terms of functionality and style.


The case fits into the wrap category of pencil cases here at The Leaky Pen and secures shut with a leather tassel.  The end of the tassel feature a small leather disc which I originally thought looked a bit odd.  Everyday use however has proved that this circle of leather is essential to keeping the tassel from shifting loose.


You can see from the picture that the pencil cases is a rustic brown colour.  There are other colours available if brown isn't for you.


The outside end of the pencil case, right where the tassel begins, is a single pen slot so that you have access to a writing implement without having to unroll the case.  I like this feature and it continues what is a popular trend with many pencil cases.  I suspect we all have our 'go to' pen that we use most of the time and the rest of our gear we only need occasionally.


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