I know quality stationery when I see it.  My stationery experience began at the tender age of four when I ate my first crayon.  By the time I had consumed my second, I would be forever hooked on the pleasures of paper and pen. Nowadays I am a secondary school teacher and I spend much of my time with pencil in hand grading and sorting paper.  Over the years I have developed an appreciation of the pencil over red pen and a realisation that quality stationery is one of the simpler, finer pleasures in life.  My favourite stationery items are pencil cases and mechanical pencils.

Nomadic PN-04 Snap Button Pencil Case Review

Welcome to my review of the Nomadic PN-04.


I have been avoiding this review for a while now.  I have loved using the Kutsuwa Edwin Puffy pencil case and I just couldn't stop using it.  But, I have finally packed the puffy case away to use this petite item from Nomadic.


I have used it for the last week now and I feel I can judge the case well enough despite only using it for five school days.


This case looks really good on the web and the images I perused on the Jetpens website easily persuaded me to give this pencil case a shot.  It really is a smart looker.





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Ple Ple Pencil Case Wrap

My father bought me this Ple Ple pencil case from Jetpens (Thanks Dad).  We were trolling through the Jetpens website and I commented on how nice the Ple Ple looked.  A month or so later the Ple Ple arrived in the mail for my birthday.  Ah, if only that scenario would work with a Yard-O-Led pencil.


The Ple Ple is just as attractive in person as it is in the Jetpen's promotional shots.  Here are some home shot photos (complete with appalling choice of background).


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A Pencil Case Book

I love pencil cases.  I believe they are just as much fun as the pens and pencils we keep in them.  So when I saw a book about pencil cases over at Dave's Mechanical Pencils I liked what I saw.  Here is a picture from the book:

Dave, or Kiwi-D, writes that the book was sent to him from Japan by Isu of The Uncomfortable Chair.  Compiled by three stationery enthusiasts the book profiles pencil cases used by a variety of people including architects, illustrators, students, etc.

I have looked online for where the book can be purchased but I have had no such luck yet.

I really don't think there is enough on the internet regarding pencil cases and I am going to make a point of writing about every pencil case I have here at The Leaky Pen.

A Quirky Pen Stand

I have been clearing out cupboards in the house recently in an attempt to free up space and de-clutter.  In the process I came across this quirky little pen stand.  It can hold three pens but I used to use it to hold letter openers.




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Gfeller Casemakers - Pen Case

This great pen pouch, by Gfeller Casemakers, was a Xmas present in 2010. It holds my regularly used Rotring pens and mechanical pencil.


The pouch has that nice soft leather feel and smell - made with fine English Kip leather. On request (and a small fee) Gfeller will mongram the pouch with up to three initials - as shown.























The flaps fold back to allow easy removal of a pen/pencil.

On a couple of occasions a pen has slipped out so I am watchful, and make sure the pouch is carried with the opening to the top.

The pouch is a perfect match for Gfeller leather cover on my Rhodia Web Note Book or "webbie", and I use a Delfonics Stripe Notebook Band to keep the pouch and notebook together. I reckon they look rather good together.

Gfeller Note Book Cover and Pen Pouch

Nomadic PE-07 Pencil Case Review

Nomadic are one of my favourite pencil case brands and I own quite a few of their products.  So, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when this particular pencil disrupted my 'one pencil case review every fortnight' hopes.  The Nomadic PE-07 really threw a spanner in the works because I ended up using it for at least two and a half months.


The images below have been taken using my new light tent.  You will notice the bluish tinge to the background.  Hopefully I can work out how to eliminate that.


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Kutsuwa Edwin Puffy Pencil Case Review

My posts have been infrequent of late.  I haven't been particularly busy.  In fact,  I've still been hanging on every stationery post that arrives into my RSS reader so a lull in my enthusiasm for stationery isn't to blame.  The dearth of posts by me here at The Leaky Pen boils down to simple procrastination.  I have been delaying this pencil case review.  You see, for three weeks now I have been using the Kutsuwa Edwin puffy pencil case and I just can't bear to stop using it.

I didn't see this coming.  With its adolescent kitsch 1980's vibe I had ironically delayed using the Kutsuwa Edwin pencil case.  To tell you the truth I felt nervous about even using it in public.  I exaggerate, but the puffy panels do scream 'Look at me!' and hark back to an era of fashion that most of us, who lived through it, would rather forget.

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Nomadic PE-09 Pencil Case Review - A Comparison

The Nomadic PE-09 has been in my school bag for a couple of weeks now.  In that time I have come to think of it as an allrounder.  Versatile and practical, I can't think how anyone could be disappointed with it.  Jack of all trades, master of none, the Nomadic PE-09 is the Mr Reliable of the Nomadic pencil case range.

The case presents well and gives a great first impression.  Its smart appearance and design will impress users who like a large compartment with a few extra pockets for their odds and ends.

I was happy with my purchase as soon as I started to use it and felt right at home storing my gear within it.  Normally it takes me a couple of days to get used to a new pencil case and its idiosyncrasies.  Not so with this case and it was on my third day of using it that I realised why.  I really knew this pencil case well because I had used it before albiet under a different guise.

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The Marrakech Case

Everday Pencil Case



This is a simple practical pencil case that I picked up in Morrocco in 2006. I bought it at the markets in the Medina in Marrakech.











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Nomadic PN-02 Side Pocket Pencil Case Review

Welcome to another Nomadic pencil case review.  This week I had the pleasure of using the Nomadic PN-02 model which is a side pocket pouch case.  This pencil case is slimmer and sleeker than the other nomadic pencil cases I have used so far.  It has an unusual design with compartments designed for those who carry a minimum amount of stationery.  The material used is the same nylon material the Nomadic PN08 is made from so it is certainly strong enough to handle some rough treatment.

The main compartment is situated at the back of the case and the zip for it begins just over halfway up the bag.  The zipper comes with two handles which is something common in the Nomadic range of pencil cases.  I like this because I can position the zipper handles at any point along the zip and keep the case closed.


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Kutsuwa Edwin Folding Pencil Case Review

Kutsuwa Folding Pencil Case - Image from JetpensThis Edwin folding pencil from Kutsuwa is, on first appearances, a fantastic looking piece of kit.  Fashioned from what seems to be a canvas type material, it feels indestructible.  Tough doesn't begin to describe it.  It is attractive too, straddling that line between minimalist chic and army depot surplus - an odd combo but it works here.  Despite the glowing red Edwin label on the front strap, there is a hint of 'black ops' about this pencil case if you know what I mean.

Feature wise this pencil case has two purse style zippered sections in what is a remarkably simple design made complicated by mesh pockets sandwiched between the two, two straps holding it all together and another mesh pocket on the outside.  You can get lost among the zips, straps and mesh if you aren't careful.

Once you get your head around all of the bells and whistles you will also find that this pencil case is quite the packhorse.  30 plus pens can be packed away into this case and that is without filling the mesh pockets.  However, when you do decide to fill the mesh pockets, located between the two zippered sections, you will find that your pens will be a touch awkward to access.  Granted the two velcro straps pinning the two pockets together can be relaxed but then the odds of the mesh pocket items in the middle coming loose increases.

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Nomadic PE-08 Pencil Case Review

This Nomadic PE-08 is the first pencil case from the Nomadic line that I have used.  I was filled with mixed feelings when I transfered my gear into it for the week.  On the one hand I was looking forward to checking out the popular Nomadic range but, on the other hand, I was seriously unimpressed with the colour of this case.  I wanted the orange version but it was sold out so I had to choose the grey.  If the colour appears uninspiring in the photos you can believe it is in real life too.  I was underwhelmed when I first held it in my hands.  However the old adage, 'never judge a book by its cover' can be applied with this pencil case.

When you get over the yawn inspiring colour (seriously get the orange version people) there is much to like about this case.  It has three zippered sections.  Two are located on one side of the case with the third occupying a side to itself.  Check out the picture below if this doesn't make too much sense.

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Paper Mate Pacer 300



  • Rubber Grip
  • Retractable metal lead sleeve
  • refillable with 0.5 leads
  • Refill case with 12 leads
  • Available in Blue and Black
  • Twist top for lead chute


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