Fitocracy: A Quick Review


When I workout I generally want to do three things afterwards.

1.  Talk about my workout with someone (especially if I reached a goal).
2.  Record my progress in my workout journal.
3.  See or measure the progress I'm making toward my fitness goals.
Fitocracy enables me to do these things all at the one place.  So, what is Fitocracy?
Fitocracy is a free website with accompanying Iphone app (Android coming soon) that is similar to Facebook except everyone has the common interest of health and fitness.  No silly memes, no prattling on about nonsensical rubbish.  Just health and fitness.
With Fitocracy I can record the workouts I've done, annotate each workout, and access graphs of my achievements with each exercise I have recorded progress with.
Fitocracy rewards my workouts with points for each exercise and the reps I do.  These points help me level up almost like my workouts are part of a game.  I can also earn trophies and awards for particular fitness related quests or community effort.  Just like other social media websites you can comment, discuss and reward fellow members.  The Fitocracy community really is  friendly and supportative.
I can join groups of like minded fitness enthusiasts with a particular focus whether it be Kettlebells, weight loss, local members or those that love icecream.  You can make your own group too.
Best of all Fitocracy is free.  You can donate and get access to more features if you want but I haven't found it necessary at all yet.  I've been using fitocracy for a couple of months now and I love it.  Every day I log into Fitocracy to log my work outs and see the gains I'm making and recieve praise for my efforts.  It has really helped my motivation to train.  A couple of times I've been just shy of a 'level up' and I banged out a few more pushups or sets to reach the next target.  Crazy I know but any motivation to me is good for my fitness and health goals.
I highly recommend trying Fitocracy for a couple of weeks.  It's free so why not?