April Challenge - Dirty Thirds

This month our challenge is Dirty Thirds. 1000 core, 1000 Body Weight Squats, and 1000 pushups.. This equates to roughly 330 reps of each exercise a day. Again, the exercise choice for core is up to you. Leg raises, sit-ups, crunches, a mix of these etc. For the squats, try to reach parallel and keep your heels on the ground. If you have flexibility restraints, do the best you can.

If none of these suit come up with your own exercise!

Our challengers are;





Daniel Core/Squats/Pushups 1000/1000/1000 EPIC FAIL
Tania   ? EPIC FAIL 
Michael    ? EPIC FAIL 
Karen    ? EPIC FAIL 
Paul    ? WIN!
Kevin   ? EPIC FAIL 
 Amity   ? EPIC FAIL 
 Greta    ? EPIC FAIL 
 Geoff   ? EPIC FAIL 
Tammy    ? EPIC FAIL 

Let me know how you go so I can update the spreadsheet.

Enjoy :)